Please take a moment to read Luke's story...

My son, Luke, was born with Cerebral Palsy (aka CP). His CP was the result of malpractice. During 22hrs of labor, Luke's mom was overdosed with Patocim to help her dilate to have him natural, but it did not work, and hence Luke was delivered via C-Section. At delivery, Luke was not breathing. After losing oxygen for 10 minutes, Luke was revived using CPR.

CP is not a disease. Cerebral Palsy is caused by damage to the motor control centers of the developing brain and can occur during childbirth. CP limits movement and posture control, resulting in activity limitations and are often accompanied by disturbances of sensation, and communication ability.

Luke cannot walk or talk or crawl. His movement is limited to being in his wheelchair. Although he can not speak, he does respond when I talk to him, when I take him outside, when he watches television. His eyes and his smile, or sometimes his frown, communicate in place of his tongue.

Luke loves to swim and fish. He also loves to ride the horses at horse therapy sessions in Spokane, WA. I take him out often to swim and fish, however we are limited to the wheelchair accessible locations. Although North Idaho, has numerous places to swim and fish and explore the outdoors, the wheelchair accessible locations are very limited.

I saw an awesome motorized track wheelchair at a sports show in Spokane, Wa. in March of 2012 called The Action Trackchair. The Trackchair will enable Luke to explore more places. The Action Trackchair will allow Luke and I access to more locations because this chair is designed to travel on trails and paths that are not specifically groomed for the standard wheelchair. The Trackchair will be customized to allow me to control the chair using a remote. Which will enable Luke and I to explore more places together all year long.

The goal is to raise $10K to purchase this chair for Luke. All donations are greatly appreciated and will help meet this goal.

Feel free to check out The Action Trackchair web site,

-Todd Shaffer
Luke's Dad